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Music has always touched me deeply. It is an art that lets me embrace my sensitive nature and gives me the voice I can’t have in real life. It allows me to express a hidden, extraverted side of my personality and creates a path that brings me to people, in order to connect in a profound way.

As a musician I explore the world of contemporary music and have the opportunity to work with living composers. When composers catch my attention, I put my heart and soul into the chance to make new musical landscapes and interpretations of unknown music. I use my energy to defend and give new life to music by forgotten or unknown (Flemish) composers and show the world how great it can be to make your own path and take time to work with unknown treasures and study them profoundly. I combine this repertoire with tradition in order to show similarities and differences, so I can create productions that are considered high quality and are relevant and touching.

I am also very involved in social-artistic work, since I acknowledge the powerful role music can play to let everybody take part in society. Music makes us feel connected to the people around us, and makes us aware of the basic human emotions we all experience.

Feel free to take a look at my website and explore my world to meet the music, people and relationships that help me build my own life as an artist.